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Very knowledgeable, work was great and quick, and acceptable pricing. —garretthow1

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RRH did a great job. They explained what they were going to do, how much it would cost, what the warranty was, how long the job would take and did it with no problems. They took all the old roof away and left the job site completely clean and didn't damage any of our shrubs or leave us any old nails. We recommend them to everyone who needs their services. We are completely satisfied. —Bob Matters

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We did a roof replacement 14 years ago and we continue to use their services over all these years and have never been disappointed. They are very helpful, knowledgeable, and the prices are very reasonable.—Christina Cremonese

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There are many roofing contractors in Southern MD. It is a daunting task to actually contract a "reputable", "quality", "cost effective", roofer who can actually provide a guarantee for their work backed by the shingle manufacturer for 50 years. With a few MONTHS of research, presenting MY statement of work to each roofing company, meeting, telling them what "I" want for "MY" roof, I selected RRH & Assoc. LLC in Huntingtown MD.

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I spoke with the shingle manufacturer (Certainteed) many times via chat, phone, and in writing about the quality of roof I desired and what I expected from Certainteed roofing products. After selecting the shingle manufacturer, selecting the roofing company to do the job was just a bit easier since I demanded a roof that was installed correctly by TRAINED roofers not just by unemployed day labors. Certainteed directed me to a few of their Trained roofers, from which I selected RRH & Assoc. a "Certainteed SELECT ShingleMaster" which certification required not only the installers to complete yearly training but also the business owners. Certainly beats fly by night ray & day labors with rented hammers.

Guarantees: Ok, so I got a guarantee, big deal: actually it is. My previous roof fell apart the 2nd year after install and no one ever informed the homeowners that the shingles were defective and a class action suit had been filed. It was too late for most everyone since the time was well past years ago, the builder assumed no liability after the typical 2/10 warranties on new homes, and the installing roofing company went conveniently out of business. So now you see why a warranty from the manufacturer is most important. RRH Assoc. also gave a warranty included with their service but a 50 year warranty from a large shingle manufacturer is much more appreciated; specifically since labor, materials, yada yada yada is included at not costs to me... makes me a happy person.

Roofing materials selection: I am a Garanimals type of guy, colors all just run together for me. I need help coordinating my clothes SO obviously I asked my wife to pick the color. I selected the style and material of shingle which she agreed with. Certainteed Architectural Landmark Pro Colonial Slate was our selection.

Installation: These shingles require installation in specific ways that are taught by Certainteed to their "Certainteed SELECT ShingleMaster" Installers. Now any company can install shingles, even Certainteed shingles. BUT if you want the quality and guarantees that Certainteed can provide, you need to hire a Certainteed qualified installer.

I selected RRH Assoc. LLC of Huntingtown MD, specifically because of their extensive required training and certification by Certainteed Corp.; from which I have a 50 year warranty.

Fluff: The roof looks great, my wife picked a super color which matches the house colors very well. The Architectural Landmark Pro has a 3D type presentation which kind of makes the roof pop & extends the house's presence past it's already immense size.

Summary: I know I got the best bang for my buck, quality 50 year guaranteed shingles, and manufacturer trained installers at a price I'm satisfied with.

Improvements: Include one free 16" pizza with every purchase. —Arturo Benedetti

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I can not say enough good things about this company. From the start, we were greeted by a kind and professional receptionist who answered our call for the free home estimates they offer. In less than 24 hours, the OWNER came out to inspect our roof. We were floored! It wasn't a front line employee, but the actual business owner who says he reviews every estimate before it reaches the client to ensure that it has his seal of approval. When Bob arrived, he was warm and mild mannered...not a pushy salesman, lazy technician, or sketchy contractor trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

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He took the time to explain his assessment in detail, without being overly technical, but expressed the professionalism one would expect with such a huge investment.

When he followed up with us, the report clearly reflected an honest appraisal and his integrity could not be outdone by ANY of the other roofing specialist that we received estimates from (one should always shop around for this very reason). As with anything, you get what you pay for. RRH Associates is fair in price, but yet you are treated as if you were spending twice as much because they truly care about the client and take pride in their reputation and quality work.

If all owners/managers/directors took as much care, diligence, and attention to detail as this company, I truly believe that home owners wouldn't have to fear and be as skeptical to the magnitude that we have become over hearing such horror stories from others.

I am so grateful for the service they provided to us and I hope that others will trust their homes to this outstanding company! —Jenny C.

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Excellent contractor. —T.C.

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Did a great job. On time. — R.H.

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